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It is recommended that the teacher prepares the group with the following:

  1. Pre-book your stay at ANSC at least three months in advance. For the popular months of February through to May we recommend booking in September.  For reservation contact Despina Mardas at (450) 621-5600 ext.1425 or email dmardas@swlauriersb.qc.ca
  2. Contact ANSC Staff  at (819) 687-9999 or email kfahey@swlauriersb.qc.ca to have your program prepared
  3. Get approval for the outing from your principal, governing board and teacher council. Confirm preliminary dates with ANSC
  4. Prepare and send the letter for parents and authorization and medical form to be handed in three weeks before leaving
  5. Include the Personal Equipment List or send it home with participating students
  6. Make sure you have a list of your students with emergency contacts as well as their Medicare card numbers and bring it to ANSC
  7. Catering service is available at ANSC, contact us for details. You can choose the option of having “pot luck” type of meals, prepare the menu with the students three weeks prior to departure, separate foods and quantities per students and hand in at the same time as authorization form, a sample menu can be discussed with ANSC staff
  8. Once you have decided on a program of study, be sure to check if there is a charge for supplies or if you are able to bring the necessary materials to ANSC
  9. Review ANSC General Information page on the website
  10.  Review Visitor Responsibilities (General Information page)and Student Behavioural Contract (General Information or Documents to Print page) with your staff, volunteers and students
  11. Create kitchen clean-up student groups and other activity groups if necessary
  12. Create Dormitory Grouping (boys and girls) lists
  13. Decide who will bring a vehicle to ANSC for safety reasons