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At the Arundel Nature & Science Centre, Nature is our classroom; a spectacular backdrop for unforgettable learning experiences . . .

There is a growing awareness that our young people are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. At our centre, students immerse themselves in all that nature has to offer and, in doing so, have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a unique way. The beautiful Arundel region becomes an outdoor classroom where students can learn natural science, outdoor survival skills, winter sports, navigation and much more.


Uniquely Tailored Programs to Meet the Needs of Each Group

Programs shown here are only samples of what types of activities are possible at the Arundel Nature and Science Centre. We custom-tailor all itineraries to fit course curriculums with a cross-curricular focus working best in this setting. Our learning activities are developed to serve as enriched experiential extensions or introductions to classroom units. 

Nurturing Enquiry 

At the centre, we aim to enhance and stimulate students’ natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. Misconceptions are challenged so that students develop new perspectives based on their experience.



Whether it’s lowering a digital video camera below the surface of the Rouge River, gazing at the stars or performing digital microscopy on a sample of pond water, students participate in a wide range of fascinating and exciting science learning activities at the centre. From meteorology to biodiversity, all of our programs are supported by state-of-the-art digital technology and media.

Outdoor Education

Wilderness survival and navigation technology are just a couple of the popular and innovative courses available at the centre. We have both the necessary expertise and equipment so that our visitors can try outdoor sports such as cross‐country skiing, canoeing, mountain biking and snowshoeing.

Environmental Stewardship

Learning about the importance and fragility of the environment is one of the core activities at the centre. Our students learn about the ecosystem and study local biodiversity and, in doing so, learn about the impact of human activity on the health of the planet. In this way, our students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be globally responsible eco‐citizens.